Hello and Welcome

My name is Lynda Renham-Cook (founder of Childless Support on Facebook) I am a part time writer living in Oxfordshire with my husband and one cat named Bendrix. I also work in the health care sector. I am childless! This is not by choice. My story can be found  under ‘My Story’ To be childless is one of the saddest things to happen to a woman and if you are reading this then you are possibly childless yourself. This webpage is to help other childless women. I would love to hear your stories. Please contact me if you wish to share your story on the site. If you want to make friends suffering the same pain or just need some guidance along the right path, this is the place.

Contact: childless@renham.co.uk

with love

Lynda x


3 comments on “Hello and Welcome

  1. Jane Thorne says:

    Hello Lynda I love your blog and have passed the Liebster Award onto you..here’s the link http://wp.me/p1l7Si-xB – love to you, Jane x

  2. Lynda, How glad I am to have found you have this blog, along with your other one which I have been following for some time now. It will be nice to share with others this “affliction” if that is the right word (it is for me) as you always think you are the only one and no-one understands.
    I look forward to sharing.
    Lisa x

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